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for waking up early and joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's begin with new comments from president obama about a florida minister planning to engage in a quran burning protest to mark the september 11th terrorist attacks. in an exclusive 101 interview with "good morning america," a growing number of critics asking for the pastor to reconsider. >> i hope he listens to those better angels and understands that this is a destructive act that he's engaging in. >> republican sarah palin joined conservative, democrats religious leaders and military officials in urging jones to cancel the burning of the muslim holy book. terry mcsweeney joins us now with the bay area's reaction. >> local religious leaders are calling on the reverend jones to not desecrate the holy book of islam while some local muslims are feeling like they're caught in the crossfire of this controversy. local faith groups got together in palo alto to call for peace and tolerance. one says she wished the world ignored jones and his congregation of just a few dozen. faith l
show on dvd cooing up on the other ,% >> and there'' a lot of gleeful raven fans today. i'm kristen live in fronttof the new meadowlann stadium. commng up in sports unlimited hhar what vocal ray lewis has hhar what vocal ray lewis has -úto i'm bob ehrlich. i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland is in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running. to make the state we love not just good but great. now let's get down to work. and just right romance. >> you have up to 8 weeks. you are goong to hate me by the time i'm through with you. >>reporter: phhsical theeapist fall ins love with a basketball player she's helping to recuperate. poliiicaaly i hope correct proves how true the title is in the latest comedy special. bill mar i'm not wrong features the comedian stand up comedy taking on racism to religion
an impressive, massive storm could spell disaster for the eastern seaboard. nbc's kristen dahlgren has the very latest from north carolina's outer banks. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, lynn. well, for days, there's been speculation over exactly where earl would go, but here's the bottom line. at this point it may not matter that much. those hurricane-force winds extend about 90 miles from the center of earl. tropical storm force winds about 200 miles from the center. so, along much of the coast, things about to get much worse. as darkness fell on the carolina coast, earl strengthened, bringing with it powerful waves but also uncertainty. >> earl's a big unknown. if it stays out to sea, we probably would have been okay and gotten rain. >> reporter: do you board up? >> i haven't yet to this point, but this might be the first. >> reporter: but officials warn that the slightest change could bring a direct hit and that either way, hurricane or tropical storm-force winds are now less than a day away. and so, on parts of the outer banks, mandatory evacuations are under way and
: tonight from new york, it's saturday night live. >> in prime time. >> amy poehler, seth meyers. kristen wiig, the guy who plays me, fred armisen, andy samberg, and the creator, lorne michaels. they're here from the set in one of the late night's running shows. if you don't know what n"saturdy night live" is, you're not from this planet. next on "larry king live." tomorrow night, "saturday night live" will celebrate the beginning of its 36th year at 11:30 eastern time. we have five outstanding cast members and the exec producer with us. we're in studio 8 h. our guests are lorne michaels, amy poehler, who we hear will host the show tomorrow night. she's the three time award nominee, seth meyers is the anchor of weekend update and the head writer of this program, the emmy writer, kristen wiig, you know her as nancy pelosi. fred armisen, you know him as me or joy behar, and andy samberg. >> how did this idea get conceived? >> i think it got conceived because herb schlasser who was writing nbc felt there should be production back in new york. he had a strong affection for live programming an
'm kristen. topping our news, investigators will labor away for a fourth day at a pittsburgh landfill hoping to find a missing hercules man. abc 7's thomas roman is live at the landfill with the latest. >> in just about three hours homicide investigators will be combing through tons of trash and garbage here at the keller canyon landfill looking for the remains of 35-year-old frederick sales. he's the man police believe is the fifth victim in the string of murders that began last week, murders that police believe were started by motivated jealousy. investigators hope that following a lead to this pittsburgh landfill would provide them with a clue to 35-year-old frederick sales' whereabouts. eats been missing since august 26. after going through more than 3,000 tons of trash and dedegree the past three days, investigators are come up empty. >> unfortunately all the effort that they've put in for the last couple days, they have yielded no results. >> police believe sales could be the fifth victim in a string of bay area murders connected to efren valdamora before being shot to detective by the
for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. governor schwarzenegger will visit the san bruno fire site today direct from his asia trade mission. meantime e-mails received by federal investigators seem to offer no definitive evidence of neighbors smelling gas before the explosion. terry joins us live from san bruno. >> the ntsb investigators are the ones who are going to figure out exactly what happened. talk about the automatic shutoff valve and a number of other things that address those e-mail concerns. let's get to it now. vice chairman christopher hart joins me. thank you for being here. as far as finding out the cause of this explosion, what are the possibilities and what is the process? >> i won't speculate as to what might have caused it but the pieces, three pieces of pipe will be arriving in the washington d.c. metalergy lab tomorrow. in other words, did the give because of fatigue. contraction, did that cause fatigue, like bending a coat hanger back and forth before it broke. could it be corrosion, for example, impact damage from excavation. we'll look at all those cause
on this thursday at 5:00. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. in the news this morning bulldozers will fan out through the san bruno neighborhood devastated by a natural gas explosion and fire. officials say it's time to begin removing the demolished homes. jenelle wang is live in san bruno with more on the story. >> cleanup crews will start coming in at 8:00 this morning to clean out all the debris at this disaster site. they're expected to be here the next four to six weeks. the first job to remove close to two dozen charred cars so they can get the heavy machinery in. then remove debris from the hot zones first. 34 homes to be cleared but could be more later. the cost is about 30 to $40,000 for each job site. for the victims that lost everything, still a lot of questions as the bills pile up. >> as far as insurance. >> what we all went through -- i don't know when that healing process starts to begin. we're still numb. >> as cleanup continues, water trucks will continue to water down the ash to reduce any toxic levels. the san jose county health department has brough
on this thursday. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. the best known name in toddler toys is announcing a mastiff recall including everything from tricycles to high chairs. jenelle joins us with more. >> eric, if you have a child five years old, you probably have some fisher price product in your home. just the past hour the company announced this massive recall, 10 million products. the recall includes nearly 1 million fisher price high chairs with pegs on the back legs for tray storage. toddlers have cut themselves on the pegs. seven of them needed stitches. also recalled, 7 million tricycles including hot wheels, barbie free spirit and tough tyke. ten children have flipped and hurt themselves. >> things that protrude from a toy which children can fall and hurt themselves need to be removed from toys so that they don't pose a hazard. >> also recalled small inflatable balls found on play gyms and little people cars because the wheels can detack and pose a choking hazard. for those toys, they will need to be replaced. you can contact fisher price at 1-800-432-5427. kristen
today. kristen berset joins with us highlights from today's game.ú what a great ending kristen? >> big ending. thank you. %-maryland coming off a 2 and 10 season and were considered theú unneedogs to navy. who 10 and 4 squad is led by hhisman hopeful dobbs. ú%ams met inn2005.time the two this gaae was a nail biter down to the final seconds. a minute left in the game. navy down 17-14. with 3 and goal from the eiggt. ricky dobs keeps it, tackled short of the goal llfe, setting up fourth and goal line. and 37 seconds left. down three. navy decides to go for the win, instead of the game tying fieed goal. and maryland defenss holds. dobbs is stopped short. and maryyand upsets navy, 17-14 in the crab bowl classic. talk after was being going for it on fords and goal. >> i am not going to seconn guess. i think he made right decision. i am happy we on. but i am proud of my players. for the way they hung in there. >> well, long before kickoff the grills and fans were fired up for football. michael buczyner is live at m&t bank stadium with fan reaction to the inssate rivvlry. -> kristen, good
! happy friday, everyone! it's 5 a.m.. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. pg&e is investigating the intriguing and frightening possibility that microbes inside a gas pipe may have caused the deadly san bruno explosion two weeks ago. sounds incredulous but it's happened before. jenelle has details. >> yes, it has, kristen. ten years ago in the new mexico desert, the pipeline ruptured killing 12. investigators found pitting in the pipeline. the corroded area spread across 21 feet of the pipeline. 72% of the metal had been eaten away. the pipeline in new mexico was over 50 years old, 30 inches in diameter, the same as the one here in san bruno. the possible cause is called microbiological influence corrosion. the report came out in the san francisco chronicle this morning. basically microbes that thrive, go undetected in a tiny pool of stagnant water in a pipeline and start eating away on the metal causing it to corrode. pg&e told state regulators last year there was ongoing concern about the potential for internal corrosion on the 46-mile pipeline runs from san
win. >> exactly. >> no injuries tonight we come away clean. >> nd stty with us. coming up kristen berset will join us live from the garden state with highlights, reaction and analysis of the big game. all in a special edition of "sports unlimited", coming up in just about 10 minutes. and, of course, we want to see your purple pride. go to and click on the community features -sction. >> a sports reporter gets some locker room cat calls. before the jets game. now she is tryyng to defend herself and how the nfl is reaating tonight.3 >> the sub that sank the last or get this samsung alias for just $29.99. plus add a line for just 9.99. but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! families can connect for less at verizon. but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! >> the imam behind the planned mosque two blocks from ground zero in manhattan has criticism. he is a proud american, and muslim he sayy, and despite the deep division believes a mosque near the site where the twin towers once stood is worth the ffrestorm. >> this center, will be a place for all faiths, to come together, as
morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. we begin with breaking news out of the east bay. police have found the bodies of two murder victims in vallejo early today. those killings and at least two more maybe linked to a man who died in a shoot-out with the chp last night in richmond. that's where terry mcsweeney is right now, and that's where the shoot-out took place. terry? >> there was two bodies you mentioned found in vallejo this morning are two people who were missing, both tied to the murder suspect, the man gunned down out here at the pacific east mall here at richmond last night. in the car with him last night. after they shot him they went into his car and found another murder victim. take a look at some pictures from last night. this entire chase started in pleasant hill. chp officers were pursuing the murder suspect, and that would be efrin valdmaro. the chase began there, ended here. he was already wanted for the murder last friday of 73-year-old rich car dough sales killed in his home. a chp spokesman told us this morning about a new developme
6:01. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. homicide investigators today plan to search a pittsburg landfill for a fourth straight day hoping to turn up clues or locate the remains of a hercules man believed to be one of five victims at the hands of a single bay area man. thomas is live at the landfill with the latest. >> good morning. took investigators about a week to figure out that this might be the place where they'd find frederick sales body. they've been searching for it, the remains of frederick for the past three days and a couple hours they begin the search again. the keller canyon landfill is where investigators will continue to search for 35-year-old frederick sales who has been missing since august 26. his whereabouts led police investigators here to pits berg, the canyon landfill. investigators are combed through 3,000 tons of trash, garbage and debris looking for sales' remains. the search has not turned up any new clues. >> unfortunately all the effort they've put in the last couple days they have yielded no results. they're going to continue un
'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. let's get to it. forgot my own name. late and breaking news following all morning. imprisoned hiker and cal graduate sarah shore released from prison. jenelle, tell us more. >> this is such great news. just came down in the past hour. american sarah shore has been released for more than a year in prison. those closest to her expected something to happen today but basically this release out of the blue. her family didn't even have a heads up. we did get a statement from a state women rights organization saying they're feeling sad that sarah has to leave her fiancee shane and best friend josh. they're still in prison, that's in iran. but, of course, this is great news that sarah shore has been released. the three u.s. berkeley graduates captured in july 2009 after crossing the border between northern iraq and iran. iran accuses the three of spying and illegally entering the country. the family insists they were hiking and entered the country accidentally. they had been helping the u.s. negotiate her release. a judge decided to release shored because of her me
the effects of earl later today. kristen dahlgren has more. >> earl strengthen, bringing with it powerful waves. >> earl is a big unknown. >> do you board up? >> i have not yet. >> officials warned the slightest change could bring a direct hit. either way, the winds are now less than a day away. mandatory evacuations are now under way. watches and warnings from north carolina all the way to new england. >> he hurricane is coming and i am hoping we can make it back into town. >> vacationers pack in their weekend plans, heading for safer ground. on long island, arenas took boats out of the water -- marinas took boats out of the water. millions now watch to see where earl will go. the storm is crashing labor day weekend plans up and down the coast. national guard troops have already been deployed. fema is standing by ready to assist after the storm. the outer banks are expected to be hit tonight into tomorrow morning. kristen dahlgren, wbal-tv 11 news. >> you can follow earl using our hurricane tracker. there is a link on our homepage, coming up, we will hear how officials are pr
'm kristen sze. let's begin with the latest on breaking news we've been following all morning. concord police shoot and wound a pedestrian. theresa garcia joins us to explain what happened. >> we just found out that two officers were involved in the shooting. both fired their weapons at this one suspect who also drew a gun at them. take a look behind me. first off you've got the crime scene truck that just pulled up. those investigators have gone down the street. that's ashbury where you see patrol unit cars. what happened at 2:30 this morning is a man was walking down the street clayton road. they spotted this man who they believe fit the description of a man wanted for several robberies. they're not very clear whether those robberies were here in concord or elsewhere. but he fit the description. they tried to stop him. he ran down ashbury and one point turned around, pulled his weapon and pointed it at them. we don't know whether the suspect fired his gun but those two police officers did fire their weapon hitting him. the extent of his injuries, not revealing that but he was taken to the h
it! 5:00. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. topping our news, the investigation into the san bruno explosion and fire is focusing on the pressure levels inside the natural gas pipe that blew. overpressurized gas lines are a common cause of explosion. terry mcsweeney is live in san bruno with the story. terry, pg&e has been ordered already to reduce pressure in the effected pipe. what happened to that? >> well, they haven't done it yet. i'm about to tell you why. i want to let you know we're directly across the street from the entire block that has been reducedto rubble by the explosion and pg&e has been criticized not reducing the pressure enough in its natural gas line. the public utilities commission has ordered pg&e to reduce pressure by 20%. it has only reduce it had by 10%. the company says it needs more clarification on that issue. mercury news has uncovered evidence of 15 incidents of what you were talking about, over-pressurezation in pg&e gas lines between 2008 and 2009. pg&e says it has completed safety inspections on about 750 miles
.m.. as mike said, the first day of astronomical fall. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. developing news in downtown orinda where commuters can expect a few delays maybe this morning as pg&e tries to cap a gas leak. a construction crew hit a gas main around 11:30 last night near camino pablo. about a dozen homes were evacuated but all residents have now been allowed to return to their homes. city officials say the leak is near the on-ramp to eastbound 24 but say a detour has been put in place. this is the third significant gas leak reported in the last 24 hours in the bay area. yesterday morning crews dealt with a gas leak on the cal state east bay campus in hayward and last night a small leak forced the closure of el camino real in millbrae for two hours. >> bulldozers head out to the san bruno neighborhood devastated by natural gas and fire. the goal is remove demolished homes. >> the cleanup crews will come in at 8:00 this morning to clear out this debris. they're expected to be here the next four to six weeks. the first job to remove close to two dozen charred ca
for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. topping our news, oakland police on the hunt for a gunman who shot a six-year-old child while she slept in her family's home overnight. theresa garcia's live from the oakland police department with more. theresa? >> this is definitely what you call violence and definitely anger anyone with a conscience at least. the oakland police have since left the home where the shooting happened early this morning. and now the investigators have to find out who so boldly shot up this house while the entire family was asleep inside. now you've got a six-year-old girl recovering after being struck by a bullet inside her home. ten people live here but the only one hit was the six-year-old asleep in her room with her parents. two or three gunmen on the street opened fire shooting about two dozen rounds into the house on seminary avenue and 16th street. >> we observed several rounds up to about 25 were fired into the rear of the home. we learned from the family everyone was inside asleep. >> i heard the gunshots, and then i started -- i heard my mom crying an
for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's get you the latest. one person is dead, confirmed dead, 20 injured and hundreds more homeless this morning after the natural gas explosion ignited a fire storm in san bruno. >> several homes are still burning more than ten hours after that massive fireball engulfed the neighborhood. the flames destroyed 53 homes, damaged another 120 at least. firefighters tell us they've contained about 50% of this fire but there's no word on when residents will be allowed back in to see what's left of their homes. >> we have several reports for you this morning, eric. >> our coverage begins with terry mcsweeney near where the gas main ruptured. terry's going to walk us through what happened. good morning. >> yeah. i've gotta tell you the latest right now is that the san bruno police are moving all the media an additional block away from the scene. a scene that has been declared a crime scene by san bruno police. eric, you were asking me a few minutes ago if it was something more sinister than just making sure that the police can totally control the
monday morning. 4:30 a.m.. thank you so much for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's begin with the latest developments on the san bruno fire at 4:30. the casualty count stands at four confirmed dead and four others still missing. two missing residents were located yesterday safe and sound. ntsb investigators are taking the ruptured section of pipe now to washington d.c. where it will be reconnected on both ends from sections removed from the crater. they have ordered pg&e to immediately step up inspections of its gas pipeline system statewide and this morning at 10:00, the owners of 48 red tagged homes deemed unsafe will get further instructses how to proceed with disaster assistance. >> the investigation so far has not determined just how the fire ignited or what might have caused the pipeline to leak before the blast. allen wang reports on federal investigators who need firsthand accounts details the blast site both before and immediately after the initial explosion. >> mtsb investigators are turning their attention to the anatomy of the explosion. the 28 foot se
. always sounds good to say that. friday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's begin with a stunning new possibility in the investigation into the san bruno blast this morning. pg&e are looking into a bacterial cause and what's most frightening is it can be found anywhere. jenelle is live with the latest. jenelle? >> kristen, this has happened before ten years ago in the new mexico desert. a 13-inch transmission line just like the one that ran through the san bruno neighborhood ruptured killing 3 young children. called influence corrosion. microbes that go undetected in a tiny pool of stagnant water in the pipeline and eating away at the metal causing it to corrode. pg&e told state regulators last year that there was ongoing concern about the potential for internal corrosion along the 46-mile pipeline that ran from san francisco through san bruno down to milpitas. the corrosion has shown up in several tests along the line. an environmental microbe biologist outside of pg&e said any pipe as old as this one could have microbes hiding inside of it. the o
and tropical >> indeed. we'll have much more on the loss, iicluding kristen berset in cincinnati on ouu expanded sunday night edition of "sports unlimited" after this newscast. >>> ravens' ffns young and old are getting pumped up for the teaa's home opener next weekend. michael williams is such a big fan he named his daughter "raven." there she all decked out in her purple anddblack. e want to see your >>> it iss45 days until the generrl eeeetion in the the big o'malley. a look at how the racc is expected to be the same, but differenttthan four years ago. mel and? >>reporter: these are two different opponents. today their messages may be similar, put the circumstances are quite different. when it's this close to election day, even street festtvals feature some stumping. >>reeorter: the republican is here to shake hands and thank voters. some favor his opponent. volunteers from both camps try to coovince the crowd to support tteir side. >> i think he's the best man ffr the joo. likes governoo mmrtin o'malley. >> i think martin o'malley is more for the people. >>reporter: this c
thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. you can see what frances is talking about, the traffic jam. right now let's begin with a reprieve for three richmond schools. they'll stay open one extra year after the city council approved spending, $1.5 million to keep them open. the unanimous vote came just before 11:30. it will keep kennedy high school and two elementary schools open through the 2011-2012 school year. the meeting was packed with worried parents and school district officials. richmond settled a tax lawsuit with chevron for $114 million. so it has extra money to spend but the council also offered a warning to the school board. >> they gonna have to get their act together. we can no longer have the city of richmond be atm every time they have a problem and they threaten us with attempt to close schools. >> during a meeting, the school board president even argued that closing kennedy high would be dangerous because gang members from different parts of the city would be forced to mix together at remaining schools. >> getting our first look this morning at the sketch of a man wanted for ques
us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. in the news the latest developments on the san bruno explosion and fire at 5 a.m.. the casualty count which fluctuated over the weekend stands at four confirmed dead and four missing. two missing residents were located yesterday. they were safe and sound. ntsb investigators are taking the pipe to washington d.c. where it will be reconnected to sections removed from the crater. the state public utility commission has ordered pg&e to step up investigations of the pipeline system statewide. this morning at 10:00 the owners of 48 red-tagged homes deemed unsafe will get further instructions. >> anyone who might have information or video that could help the investigation with the reported problems in the days before the explosion. for the latest jenelle live in san bruno. >> that's right, kristen. if you smelled anything prior to last thursday's explosion or if you have any amateur video of the explosion itself, they want it. meanwhile the california public utilities commission has ordered pg&e to inspect all its natural gas lines. according
morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. topping our news this half hour, pg&e is investigating the possibility that microbes inside a natural gas pipe might have caused the deadly san bruno explosion two weeks ago, this unlikely but has happened before. jenelle is live in san bruno to tell us more. >> yes, it has, ten years ago in the new mexico desert that pipeline ruptured killing 12 including three young children. investigators found pitting in the pipeline. the corroded area spread across 21 feet of the pipe and some areas 72% of the pipe wall had been eaten away. now, that pipeline in new mexico was over 50 years old and 30 inches in diameter. those are the exact same specs as the pipeline here in san bruno. the possible cause is called microbiological influence corrosion. this report came out in the san francisco chronicle this morning. it's basically micros that go undetected in a tiny pool of water inside the pipeline and then start eating away at the metal causing it to corrode. according to the article this morning, pg&e told state regulators last y
morning, everyone. it is one minute past 6:00. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's talk about those traffic problems. >> what's the bad news? >> okay, eric, i think this one because it's an overturn crash and apparently one of the cars is on fire and possibly someone trapped in the vehicle, this is really going to mess things up as you make your way out of livermore. traffic slowing to 15 mph with the two right lanes blocked. every time we take a look at this it's growing. now over half an hour. 35 minutes from 205 to 680. that's ten minutes to your commute. you may want to consider ace train as a good alternate to get around that area or avoid that stretch of 580 and cut over on highway 84 and that will get you to 680. also westbound 37 in vallejo at highway 29. there were four separate accidents. it did tie up traffic. all lanes of westbound 37 were closed for a while. the right lane has been reopened but we just got an update from the chp saying they expect the left lane to be blocked the next two hours and that's going to mess up the morning commute through the area. trying to c
. >> hopefully a better morning. 5:00. thanks for joining us on this thursday. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. president obama is calling on a florida minister to call off his plan to burn copies of the karan on the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. in an exclusive interview airing later this morning on "good morning america," the president calls a recruitment bonanza for al-queda. the state department is ordering u.s. embassies to assess security in case of anti-american violence and a muslim leader is offering to diffuse the situation. >> i said i'll stand with you. i will talk. i will defend you as my neighbor. >> we are not convinced that backing down is right thing. >> imagine a pastor so egotistical he would sacrifice the lives of initialnaries and soldiers to go forward. >> officials urge reverend terry jones to cancel the karan burning. welcome news to many local muslim leaders. terry mcsweeney joins us now with more how local leaders are responding. >> yeah, local religious leaders calling on the reverend jones to not burn the karan but local muslims a bit shaken by this
. >> it is 5:00 on this thursday. thank you so much for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. we begin with breaking frus from contra costa county. that's where police are investigating a shooting involving a concord police officer. abc 7's theresa garcia is live in concord with the very latest. theresa? >> we're one block from downtown off main road clayton. you have cars blocking the area of ashberry. investigators are in a situation that began about 2:30. police tried to stop a pedestrian walking on clayton near ash bury. that person ran on foot. police did chase in the patrol car and what happened they say is the suspect pulled a weapon on them. police fired back and did wound the suspect. not clear at this point what type of injuries. we know that suspect was transported to john muir hospital. why that person they believe was a wanted suspect, they're not revealing those details right now but in this neighborhood it is a residential street, ashbury. anybody going to work on clayton will see a lot of police activity out here. but as the morning carries on, we'll certainly bri
it's 4:59. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. right now the bay area's first ever expressway lane is opening up to drivers. that means solo drivers can pay for the privilege of using what would otherwise be a carpool lang. jenelle wang is live over 680 in fremont. this has been in the works for a long, long time. >> yeah. and it's finally here. set to open in about 30 seconds from now officially. at 5 a.m. the bay area's first expressway lane. i'm along highway southbound 680. you can see the traffic going southbound right here. there will be three entry and three exit points. you're looking at one of the entry points here. washington boulevard exit. the new expressway lane replaces the carpool lane on southbound 680 between pleasanton and milpitas. a 14-mile stretch. it operates between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m. monday through friday. carpoolers will be able to use the lane for free as well as motorcycles, transit buses and highway vehicles with valid stickers but solo drivers can use the lane with fair fas trak pass. only three entry and exit points and ille
that fog out there. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. california voters have a clearer picture today of their two main choices for governor. last night democratic jerry brown and republican meg whitman drew a sharp contrast in their first of three debates. >> even though their styles are different, the two actually have several things in common. candidate jerry brown and meg whitman went into their debate in a virtual tie and came out virtually the same way. the polls have yet to be released. on the issues they also agree. both would protect colleges and universities from higher fees. both would enforce the death penalty. the debate lasted just under an hour at u.c. davis. the first question was how they would fix california's dysfunctional budget. >> first of all you gotta live within your means. i mean, they started spending money, we had a boom and wall street was going and dot-com and all that, then it collapses. well, you gotta reset. reset 15%, 18%. i authorized by my legal opinion an 18% reduction in the governor's salary, the legislators' salary and my
turn for kristen jagodowski. >> i feel like in one second my dream was shattered. >> reporter: her dream to be a mom was shattered. >> i thought i was going to fall apart. i was told as a child having cystic fibrosis that there was a good chance that i would not be fertile. >> reporter: her doctor told her it would not be safe to get pregnant so she and her husband decided to look into adoption until she got a phone call from her best friend jennifer that would change everything. >> she said hey, kristen, i've been thinking, i've talked to my husband, we've been praying about it and she said i really want to carry a baby for you. >> reporter: kristen couldn't believe what she was hearing. >> i said i have to talk to my husband. i went upstairs right away and you will not believe what just happened. i told him, that night we were kind of like this feels right. >> reporter: it felt right because kristen had been through everything together. they'd been friends since they were 7 playing house and growing up sharing special moments. jennifer, a mother herself was offering to be kristen
for it, you can get knocked over. >> larry: kristen, what were you doing at the time? >> only 50,000? >> yeah. >> that's okay. >> it was later. >> i was at the groundlings in los angeles. and, yeah, my manager had talked about me about making a tape. so we put some stuff together, yeah and we sent it in and auditioned here, the most nervous i've ever been in my life, because i don't do -- i hadn't done any standup or hadn't done a lot of performing just myself on the stage, so i was terrified. >> larry: fred, how did they find you or where did they find you or how did you find them? >> i was doing standup comedy in los angeles. we also sent in tapes. and, yeah, i auditioned right here, and i remember it was like really nerve-racking but when we got the phone call, that we got the show, i saved it as best call ever. so since then i've just transferred that number over and over. but it was exciting. it was really great just to be on the stage. >> larry: did you do imitations? >> i did some impressions and some characters. yeah. it was a blur. >> larry: do you say in your mind somet
activist. >> good morning on this wednesday. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. we're getting our first look this morning of a sketch of a man wanted for questioning in a string of south bay arson fires. one case he set a truck on fire while someone was sleeping inside. terry mcsweeney is live in sunnyvale with the story. terry, this is far beyond the prank stage. >> absolutely. and investigators know a lot about this guy. they know where he operates. they know how he operates. and now they may have a good idea what he looks like; but as of this morning, he is still on the loose. take a look at this new sketch you were talking about. the suspect described as hispanic, about 20 years of age, 5-9 give or take with a slender build. the arson fires tend to occur in bunches. nine were set september 1st, one week ago today. the most serious happened as you mentioned when the arsonist set a pickup truck on fire on sold san francisco road where i am with someone inside that truck. this is not a homicide because police helped rescue that man. since may this guy has set fire
. >> that looks like trouble. 6:01 this monday morning. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's begin with the latest developments on the san bruno fire investigation. the casualty count which fluctuated over the weekend stands at four confirmed dead and four others still missing. two other missing residents were located safe yesterday. ntsb are taking sections removed from the crater. the public utilities commission is taking drastic action in the wake of the blast ordering pg&e to immediately inspect all the gas pipelines statewide. >> hours from now the owners of 48 red-tagged homes deemed uninhabitable will get further instructions how to proceed. >> asking everyone for information or video that could help this investigation into reported problems in the days before the explosion. we begin our team coverage with jenelle wang in san bruno. jenelle, you have the latest on the investigation. >> that's right, kristen. investigators want the public's help. if you smelled gas prior to last thursday's explosion or if you have any video of the actual explosion or the area itself, they wan
.m.. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. the deal with that developing news we're talking about in the south bay where san jose police are on the scene of a fatal car accident. one person is dead and there are injuries. theresa garcia is live there in san jose with more. theresa? >> well, certainly this single car crash woke up enough people that a san jose dispatcher tells me they were receiving multiple calls of reports that they heard a loud crash, they heard an explosion, saw a fire and eventually when the san jose emergency responders got out here, take a look behind me, this is what they found. you've got an intersection completely shut off right now. it was just after 3 a.m. a white 2001 ford explorer driving south hit a pole, then possibly a tree and became completely ungulfed in fire. this happened at the intersection with o'grady drive. the emergency responders found an 18-year-old male passenger dead in the car. the 18-year-old male driver was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the problem out here is we're getting mixed reports
. >> i'm kristen sze. topping our news, in a few hours a hearing held in marin county to determine whether to halt california's first scheduled execution of a death row inmate in more than four years. terry mcsweeney is live in san quentin. terry, the prisoner's appeal centers around a lethal drug combo? >> they do. but if those arguments fail brown will be put to death in less than 48 hours from right now. the convicted killer and two-time rapist was asked to choose his means of death, a three-stage injection or one lethal injection. he failed to do that over the weekend. 8:30 this morning his attorneys will be in marin county superior court asking for a stay of execution for their client. >> i think what's going on here is that the lawyers are considering whether they can make an argument that it's somehow cruel and unusual punishment to require a man to choose the manner of his death. >> five years ago a judge ordered san quentin to improve its execution facility, its procedures, its protocol to resume executions. the state says it has accomplished all of those things. defense a
for it. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. a fourth spare the air day and officials asking us to conserve today, all because of a forecast that will sizzle near the triple digit mark. >> i think we'll see record highs and feel record high temperatures once again today but what i want to start off with is talking about how poor the air quality could be in the east bay and also towards the south bay, particularly the east bay valleys and the santa clara valley. that's where we'll have unhealth amounts of ozone for those most susceptible, the elderly and those with respiratory problems. santa rosa, fairfield, concord and around the bay, low 90s oakland to upper 90s around palo alto. we'll also have extreme heat around the monterey bay, especially as you head inland towards morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. but still 98 watsonville. should be the last one. >> all right, mike. we'll check in for more information in a few minutes. this morning oakland police are searching for a gunman that opened fire on a home wounding a six-year-old girl. theresa garcia is live at the scene in oa
. but that contradicts recommendations in the u.s. that people in the 40s do not need the routine checkups. kristen dahlgren helps to clear up the confusion. >> reporter: the latest study comes from sweden, where researchers found women in their 40s who had mammograms also had a 26% lower risk of dying from breast cancer. those results published less than a year after the u.s. preventative services task force issued recommendations suggesting women in their 40s did not need routine mammograms. and just a week after norwegian researchers concluded mammograms had only a modest benefit on mortality rates. what's a woman to do? even cancer researchers admit it can be confusing. >> i don't think we should make any drastic changes based on any one study right now. >> reporter: instead experts recommend talking with your doctor and practicing breast self-awareness. difference in the month lly exa that were once recommended. >> most women have fib row cystic changes. we're looking for something that's changing and getting bigger and not going away with men strul periods. >>> women can also find hope in new
. >> kristen dahlgren has the latest from louisiana -- from sealing the blown out well. for those who have lived in the shadow of the spill, even the final hours are nerve wracking. >> until that has happened, but we still sleep with one eye open. >> woil has not flowed for 60 days. these pictures were taken this week. >> it is moving in and out of the marsh. >> they have found a massive fish kill. thousands upon thousands. this year, they are looking for proof the lack of oxygen that killed them was not caused by the spill. >> we need reassurance that the oxygen levels are not being -- are not worse because of the disbursements of the oil or both. >> they continue to look for signs of life as they knew it. >> we have the oyster fishermen, we have shrimpers and crabbers, and we have people that are doing great. when bp leaves, we will be doing horribly. >> knowing that after the well is sealed, their fate may have been forever changed. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, venice, louisiana. >> 66 degrees on tv hill. we're >> happy purple friday. it is 68 degrees downtown. we will be less timid by t
rival. kristen berset has more from the brown stadium. >> reporter: for theefirrt time ii theeteam history, the ravens start the season on thee3 a physically tough ame in new york with the jets and a turn around to come here to fight the division ang else. they were a little sore affer monday's nighttgame but coach harbaugh say they these guyy play wiih the ennrgy. >> what would have been another day, there's no way to measuree they always play with tremendous effort and trrmendous energy. yeah, and maybe we could have pulled ii out at the end. >> it's a tough one forney. me.on't -- it's a tough one for i don't like going out there and ú%rning the ball over and %eeling responsible. do every week. we are 1-1. ú% have 14 games left. we feel like we have a darn good team. >> the ravees defense has een dominant this season. they have yet to allow a touch down in the first two games o sunday's game they held the beegals to tww fields goals. two penalty fields goals gave them a chance for scoring. 88 lewis i!!nnw ray leeis is net expressing is feelings and he had a rant. >> e put
and >> welcome baac. i'm kristen. after weeks of waiting the ravens got some discouraging that kendall's chances of playing this seasonnare very slim. the second round draft pick fracturrd hii skull after falling down 2 flights of stairs ight before raven opened training camp. kendall came to baltimore early this month for series of neurological and medical tests. ravens said they will restart contract talk with kendall and work out a deal that reflects his unique situation. ssnday game. one thing the ravens defenss has been known for over the years is stopping the run. however last year the bengals ran all over the purple and black and the main culprit was benson. cincinnati running back pounded the ravens for 2 37 yards in two meetings with the leif instant -- ravens last úear and carried it 61 times helpiig the bengals control the ball for almost 30 more interests minntes than the benson?s. so how do they stop be as patient as he is. >> we have to make sure we stay in our gap to keep him containedd. he's very, very patient runner. reed the key. read the whole and cut back inside so
on >>> good morning, everyone. i'm kristen berset with a first look at sports. aanquan boldin wws the best targgt with reeeptions. six different players caught a pass from flacco. yesterday but the ravens got it dooe against the division rival. firss quarter browns lead 3-0. and ray rice cuts it back and is later in tte drrve upp thh play action, joeeflacco, closing over -he middle; the ravens tied in, get used to hearing this, flacco, hooks up with anquan boldin with years or3 touchdowns. boldin becomes the fastest to reach 600 catches and his first touch down as a raven. flacco and boldin wideeopen, he is ttken doww inside the 20. one is even close to the ravens -umber 1 receiver in the end zone. ravens out tt a 14-3 lead. but the browns dii not give ii,3 jerome harris was inactive forr3 today's game here he explodes through the line ad plows over. a pick up of 25. he had 73 yards rushing in the first half. later in the driie, from one3 touch down the ravens deeense has surrennered all season. ú%e first td the ravens have allowed in the lass 11 quarters, cleveland, trailing 14-10 at
'm kristen berset with the first look at sports. for the first time in 5 yearr, maryland and navy faced off at the crab bowl classic..3 back in 2005, maryland took the lead in he final minute of the game. it was a thrilling finish, so how was yesterday's game compare. i have one word for you? ffrst quarter terps, 7-0 llad. david gets to carry and bursts through the line and turns on of the jets. 15 before he is taken down. and then he punched it from three yards down to get maryland - 3rd touch down lead. second quarter, navy gets oo the board. andde byrd takes the pitch nd navy down 14-7. end. with 12 seconds left in theú half, navy has no timm out, dubs runs and is stopped short of the first round. the clock runs out and navy goes into the halffempty handed. he goes into the war ter back qd he explodes on the referee making contact with it, but he was upset with the time run off. at the start f the second half, they meet withhthe evv and refd clears the air. the first car feel fieed goal attempt. it gives the erps a 17-14 lead. with the 37 seconds left, down %-navy decides to go for
. sunday's kristen berset has more. p> after a heartbreaking loss to cincinnati and a poor offensive performance last sunday, the ravens hopp to bounce back against another divisional flow in their home opener. they will probably do just that. thattdoesn't mean the ravens will aae taking it for granted. let hem try to run the ball.e.3 who can establish the ground game and the big plays, the wild caas. you can limit those things. you haae a pretty good shot against them.3 >> we get a feel for them, and we have a good team, you know. we play although against them. we play lowwagainst a lot of teams. because we get to play a llt. and kiid of just play out. >> this sunday he ravens play theii first meaningfullhhme game sinne before the playoffs. they expect the fans to be oud3 especially when the browns ppll out the wild cats. >> if e stop early, they won't come back to it as often. we got to mmke sure when at the crankkd down as fast as we can. he can be such a dangerous player. he can run you over. if youuplay strong out front and gett im stopped, you know, not creating any holes f
operations in iraq are officially over. nbc's kristen dahlgren has more on just the president's second primetime oval office address. >> reporter: more than seven years after the start of the war, president obama announced an end to the combat mission in iraq. >> we have met our responsibilities. now it's time to turn the page. >> reporter: offering a message of thanks to those who have served. >> at every turn, america's men and women in uniform have served with courage and resolve. >> reporter: he acknowledged tough times ahead with 50,000 noncombat troops in iraq and a war continuing in afghanistan. >> within afghanistan, i've ordered the deployment of additional troops who, under the command of general david petraeus, are fighting to break the taliban's momentum. >> reporter: and in what might have been the most speculated-about sentence of the day, the president mentioned a call to his predecessor before the speech, looking to end the debate along with the combat. >> it's well known that he and i disagreed about the war from its outset. yet no one can doubt president bush's suppor
with the latest. kristen, good morning. >>> good morning, lynn. things have really been picking up along the outer banks. take a look. can you see the wind and rain continuing to wsh apounding. rain was sideways as mountains of surf piled up and took their chances riding out the storm could only hope they made the right decision. while the center of earl has so far stayed offshore, the glancing blow was enough to send many packing earlier in the day. cars and roads filled with hundreds threading off the thin strip of land off carolina's coast. as officials ordered mandatory evacuations for all visitors. >> they have asked us to leave. so we're going to have to cut our vacation short this year. >> to the north of new england, many were making that same decision. ferries filled with vacationers headed out or emergency vehicles headed onto vulnerable islands as last-minute preparations kicked into high gear. >> once it starts, you could sit here and watch and the boats are bouncing and breaking loose. you can't get at them. >> reporter: knowing that north carolina is just the storm's first stop. >> i
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